Friday, November 28, 2008

What Are You Thankful For?

Most days, most people gripe about what we don’t have and selfishly take for granted much of what we have been blessed with. Are we so absorbed with our own lives that it takes something such as sickness or loss of wealth to grab our attention as to what is really valuable? Sometimes plenty makes us proud and success makes us think that we are in full control and secure, but let us not forget and be appreciative to the Lord who gives us prosperity. As citizens of the United States of America celebrate this Thursday “Thanksgiving Day”, we can also take some time to reflect on what we should be grateful for. So my dear friends, let’s hear with your real names, what you are thankful for at this moment.

Raul - I would like to thank many people, especially my parents who have always been there for me, especially in my studies and for always believing in me. Also my sister, Eni, for helping me with projects when I am frustrated or don’t know how to do it. She sometimes calls me ‘perdidas’ but I still love her a lot. Thanks J

Alejandra - I am thankful to my parents and my aunt Nelly for being there for me and helping me to be a responsible person and also for helping me pursue my dreams and guiding me to take the right path.

Seleni - There are a lot of persons whom I would like to thank. My parents, friends, family etc., especially my Tio Neto (Ernesto Gomez) who is helping me find the perfect place to further my studies and also my Tia Millie for always being there for me.

Eddy- I thank God for giving me the opportunity to be here today. He has blessed me with good health, friends, life and much more. I would like to thank my friends because they support me in what I do. Most importantly, I would like to thank my family who has always been there for me and guide me in the right way.

Erick- In any giving day that I wake up, I thank God for all that he has given to me, especially a hard working mother who has given me all my needs. My friends who stand beside me in my ups and downs, wrong and rights. I would also like to thank my Godfather who works really hard to provide me with education and supports me throughout my life so far.

Rashida- I thank my mom because she has given me life, shelter, food and my education. I would also like to thank my friends and family. Love you!

Kristy- I thank God for giving me good health and surrounding me with people that love me. I would like to thank my friends and my family, Especially the love of my life *****.

William- I take this opportunity to thank everyone who cares for me, especially my mama for being there for me in times when I am in need of something or someone to speak and express myself to. Thanks for supporting me and for wanting the best for me. Sorry for the times in which I argued with you and get mad with you. In the end you still are that sweet loving adorable woman. I thank God for providing me with such a charming mother.

Arial- I would like to thank my mother for loving me and supporting me in anything I want to do in life. She has always been the one person who pushes me to be a role model for others and not a follower. Without her I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Thanks mom for believing in me. I love you a lot.

Wow, there are so many things to be thankful for. But besides the obvious, we should also start being grateful for obstacles overcome, for the test we failed and have taught us valuable lessons, for situations that have forced us to take another look and have a greater view, for help received when we need it, and for the opportunity to help someone in need. Today I will open my eyes and ears wide to enjoy the wonders of our created world. I don’t want to miss a sight or sound that will enrich my life. I praise you, my God, for creating me and placing me in the perfect spot where I can benefit from life to its fullest. And, friends, I invite you to do the same. Until next time be thankful…Lizzy.

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