Monday, April 14, 2008

Sudden Death

Police Report Case (i) Death by Chemical Intoxication
On the morning of Tuesday, March 25, Jose Guardado 31yrs naturalized Belizean laborer of Honduras residing in the San Telmo Area, San Pedro Town arrived at the Poly Clinic complaining of pain in his throat & abdomen, diarrhea and vomiting. He stated that all this was as a result of a drink he had taken from a man known to him only as Pajarito around Friday, March 21.
Guardado was flown to the K.H.M.H. in Belize City for further emergency treatment on Wednesday, March 26, and on the late hours of Monday, March 31, he succumbed to his ailment. A post mortem conducted on his body certified the cause of death as “Acute Lungs and multiple organs failure due to chemical intoxication”. The specific type of chemical however is yet to be determined by laboratory tests. The person mentioned by Guardado was located and detained for questioning; he admitted giving the deceased a drink out of a bottle he had picked up. He was released pending advice from the D.P.P. after a review of the investigation file.

Police Report Case (ii) Death by Asphyxia
About 11:40a.m. on Friday, April 4, Police visited Amigos del Mar Dive Shop on the beach front where the lifeless body of Gordon Burke Stroud, 63yrs Canadian tourist was observed with no apparent signs of injury.
Initial investigation revealed that about 11:15a.m. that same morning Stroud was one of 11 Canadian tourists on a diving tour at Tuffy/San Pedro Canyons located east of town, when he emerged out of the water after deciding to discontinue his diving. He appeared not to be feeling well and despite saying that he was okay, the tour guide made his way to shore after noticing him going unconscious. Upon arrival at the dive shop he was examined by a medical officer who pronounced him dead. A Post Mortem examination conducted on his body on Saturday, April 5, certified the cause of death as “Bronchial Aspiration Asphyxia due to Chronic Emphymia, Asthma type”.

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