Monday, April 14, 2008

Rumor Has it...

RUMOR No. 1 Taxi Fares Going Up?
Rumors reaching Ambergris Today, is that taxi drivers are preparing to raise the taxi fares. The move is not by drivers individually but by the taxi associations of San Pedro as there have been two increases of gasoline and diesel over the past month. If this is to happen soon, hundreds of pedestrians who live far out of town will suffer a big dent in their pockets.
FACT: To verify this rumor we called on the chairman of The San Pedro Taxi Federation, who informed us that there is a move to get all the taxi associations to agree on a unified fee for all taxis. This could mean some of them going lower to match others or going higher. Ambergris Today will inform everyone when the taxi fees have been agreed upon

Rumor No. 2 Electricity fees going Down
So while the rumor is that taxi fares are going up, the good rumor is that the cost of electricity for consumers is going down. Word on the street is that the Barrow Government will get BEL to lower its rates by as much as 50 % because the company is making a whopping 32 millions of dollars profit every year on an average. This would mean that a household paying $300 per month would now pay only $150.
FACT: Although BEL has asked for a 15% increase, the Barrow Government has denied this request. On the contrary, press secretary for the Barrow administration informed the nation that the government is committed to reducing electricity by as much as 50% or close to that. We also recall that prior to the election, Election Banners in San Pedro promised a reduction of electricity, telephones rates, butane gas, as well as the GST. We are hoping for some news on this from relevant authority.

Rumor No. 3 Sanpedrano Senator:
In recent history we have had Sanpedranos as Area Representatives, Ministers of Government, Member of the British Empire, or similar high honor positions. Very reliable sources tell us that another Sanpedrano will join he list of high offices when he is sworn in as Senator. We wil get you the full scoop on next week’s edition of Ambergris Today Newspaper!

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