Thursday, April 3, 2008

Fire at Lions Den

Fire broke out this morning at the Lions Den compound in Down Town San Pedro. Reports have it that the fire started at around 5a.m. at the Father Razkowski Community Hall which is situated just above the Lions Den.

Fire fighters were quick to out the fire, which was still at its early stage of burning, and prevented it from crossing to nearby buildings that are situated very close by. Unofficial reports have it that the fire was caused by an electric fan that was left on from the previous evening.

The community hall is primarily used for dance rehearsals by the San Pedro Dance Company, but is also used privately by an aerobics instructor. Damaged were costumes, stereos, CDs and props of the Dance Company and some exercise equipment. Although the fire did not burn down the structure, major repairs will be needed for the entire building, which was insured. More update as they become available. (

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