Friday, April 25, 2008

Popular to run out of Corn Tortilla by Weekend

Mr. Perez of the Popular Tortilla Factory informed Ambergris Today that their supply of corn flour (Maseca) will run out by this Sunday, April 26, leaving his business in limbo.

He explained to us that license to import the corn flour from Guatemala was awarded to another person and this is slowing down the process of bringing more Maseca to the country. If an agreement cannot be settled between the Guatemala producers and the new buyer in Belize, the fate of corn flour importation to the country could be bleak.

So for now, Mr. Perez explained that he would have to lay off most of his employees as his factory would be with out the main ingredient to produce his popular tortillas. Affected would also be the restaurants, private homes and other private businesses that depend on the Popular Tortilla Factory. And how about the food vendors who sell tacos, tostadas and pupusas? They are all in danger of losing business.

In addition to all of this, there is rumor that the price of corn flour will increase by 25% which would definitely raise the cost of tortilla. There are about five tortilla factories on the island, of which only El Patio Tortilla Factory on Pescador Drive produces their tortillas from ground corn processed locally. So if the minsa (corn flour) tortilla is your favorite, plan to prepare a meal that you eat with the tortillas as it might be your last for a long time.

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