Friday, April 18, 2008

Bring on the BDF?

Undoubtedly crime is on the rise countrywide and San Pedro is no exception. And while everyone wants the solutions, except the criminals, everyone also has different suggestions as to how the solution can be achieved.

Prime Minister Barrow has been suggesting that Belize might soon pass legislation making it legal to intercept phone calls and emails. The Minister of National Security is still consulting with his CEO and is considering obtaining the expertise for higher forensic testing including DNA data collection and interpretation. Minister Perdomo also believes that giving the criminals employment is part of the long-term solution to curbing the rapidly growing criminal activities in the country.

In San Pedro we have seen increased break-ins, theft, assault, armed robbery, wounding, and a few homicides. And what has been the strategy to reduce crime in San Pedro? There has been a slight increase in the number of police officers, the placement of more experienced Sergeants and Officer in Charge, the acquisition of equipment like patrol boats for the force, among other things.

But crimes are still on the rise. It is to be recalled that for the Christmas season the BDF was brought to San Pedro to provide increased patrol and security. Similarly, it is to be recalled that there was a dramatic decrease in crime for that period. Local concerned citizens have been advocating and calling for the return of the BDF to offer that extra helping hand. What do you think? Kindly speak out, loud enough for our Area Representative to hear us and to listen.

We at Ambergris Today fully support the use of the BDF. A few citizens are afraid that they are not as courteous as the police. “They are trained to kill,” according to a few. Aren’t they better described as trained to shoot to protect the people and the country? And isn’t that what an escaping criminal deserves in order to be stopped?

Personally, we found the BDF guys here in December as quite courteous. We said “Good night” to several and they responded quite nicely. When treated with respect and appreciation, people will reciprocate. We believe we can get a lot of our BDF who can patrol our streets and roads instead of the mountains and valleys with borders to Guatemala and Mexico. Our suggestion to our Area Rep is to bring on the BDF.

Cast your vote online if you think that the BDF should be brought back to the island to curb crime. Online poll at

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