Wednesday, April 16, 2008

No More Tortilla!?

Word has it that the production of minsa (corn flour) tortilla will no longer take place since government is no longer allowing the importation of Maseca to Belize. In speaking with Mr. Domingo Perez of Popular Tortilla we found out that indeed the government had seized the importation of Maseca from Guatemala.

“I cannot say that we will seize production, but I am in a state of limbo since I only have a supply that will last for about two weeks,” commented Mr. Perez. If the production of Minsa tortilla is stopped, not only will Mr. Perez be affected but other businesses and residents that use the product as well.

According to Mr. Perez many restaurants and hotels purchase tortillas in a vast amount on a weekly basis. A rough amount of 3,500lbs is consumed weekly on the island. If Maseca is no longer permitted to be imported another alternative will have to be found.

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