Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Holy Cross Dealing with Flooded School Entrance & Grounds

School Needs Help
    “It has been over four years since Holy Cross Anglican School opened its doors at the request of the Mayor and the Honorable Minister Heredia. Over this time the Town has donated six truck-loads of sand to the school. These photo's show the problems we have had to deal with since the school has opened.
    I think it is time for the town to do something to show their support of the 500+ children and their parents of Holy Cross by building a proper road to the school. We are the only school on the island where the children have to wade through water to get to school.
    It is time for a change and the time is now. The beaches need to be cleaned up after the recent storm; why not use some of this to build a dry road for the children to be able to walk to school on?”

Respectfully submitted,
Vernon Wilson
Director Holy Cross Anglican School

 Pictures of the school entrance and yard during high tide on Tuesday, October 2, 2010

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