Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Great News from Saga Humane Society

Saga Vet Receives Unrestricted Permanent License
    Saga Humane Society is extremely happy to confirm the report that Dr. Lauren Henckel has received her unrestricted, permanent license to practice at the Saga Humane Society Veterinary Clinic.
    Back in June, Saga Humane Society was in danger of closing down as it could not employ Dr. Henckel as a full-time vet due to discrepancies in her application to work as a full time vet on the island. There were forces in the works to hinder her approval for a work permit, but luckily all that is in the past and Dr. Henckel has received her permanent license. For any of you who would like to continue to support Saga and use the Clinic services, Dr. Henckel is able to treat any and... all animals without restriction.
    You may not know that 75% of the money needed to provide the community with a Humane Society comes from the veterinary clinic SAGA runs, which provides both free and for-charge care.  It is this income that pays for all of the other services.

This is what SAGA does for you and the animals of San Pedro:
    * Dog Patrols to pickup stray, dangerous, diseased, maltreated, abandoned or injured animals.
    * Responds to complaints of dog attacks, dog fights, noise nuisance and other negative interactions between the animal population and humans.
    * Provides free rabies shots for all animals.
    * Provides free or low cost medical treatment for animals belonging to those suffering financial hardship.
    * Provides a shelter to house, feed and treat the homeless or mistreated animals of San Pedro.
    * Provides animal adoption services, providing many local families with much loved pets and guard dogs.
    * Assures that all people who want to adopt are able to provide good care for the animal.
    * Assures all animals placed for adoption are spayed or neutered and have been given a clean bill of health with all shots up to date.
   * Provides free or low cost spays & neuters to help prevent overpopulation.
    * Provides humane euthanasia when appropriate and eliminate the need for the Town Board to use poison as an alternative.
    * Provides educational programs to help the people of San Pedro learn how to care for a healthy, happy pet.
    Because SAGA operates as a not-for-profit organization, it has not had the resources to develop an expensive, high tech clinic, but has done a remarkable job saving many lives and preventing thousands of unwanted litters.  SAGA can only improve its facilities if it is able to operate a veterinary clinic to support its important work in the community, as outlined above.
    SAGA is beloved by the community and by many who visit San Pedro and have seen first-hand the remarkable job that they have done reducing the stray population and eliminating the need for the cruel and very unpopular method of poisoning to control strays.  This is why many veterinarians from abroad donate drugs and equipment to assist them in their much needed work.  These drugs allow SAGA to treat animals in their care as well as those who cannot afford private veterinary care.

Contact The SAGA Society:
Coconut Drive, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize,
Tel: +501 226 3266, Email:

October Deals from Saga!

When is it GOOD luck to have a black cat cross your path? The month of October at Saga Humane Society’s Vet Clinic!!

This month, Saga will spay and neuter 
And for the rest of our furry feline friends this month
Female Cat Spay: Regular Price $75    SPECIAL $40
Male Cat Neuter: Regular Price $50   SPECIAL $20
To make an appointment call 226-3266
Look for Saga Clinic’s upcoming Specials each month!

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