Sunday, June 27, 2010

TS Alex Passes by with Minimal Damages

Took a ride around town and checked the beaches this morning; everything is FINE! Damage was confined to business signs, old piers and palapas and plenty of sea grass accumulated on the beach. Grateful it was not worse. The center of Tropical Storm Alex passed just north of Belize City and winds here in San Pedro were clocked at a maximum of 49.5mph.

A Bridesmaid called in on the Weather Channel this morning and said that her friend's wedding was still on for today. The rain is gone and a very nice tropical breeze is blowing into town. The SUN is out! What a great day after the storm. Lobster Fest in Placencia is going strong on its second day as is the island of Caye Caulker.

Business sign for Chuck and Robbie's Dive Shop found a block away

Plenty of Sea Grass all over the beaches

Shrine of the Virgin Mary was knocked down at this beach residence

The pool of The Phoenix gets a quick clean up

Residents hit the beach early in the morning for some interesting finds

Tourist go for a morning walk

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