Friday, June 4, 2010

S.P.R.C. School hosts Open Day

The students of the San Pedro R.C. School have been working on several different projects for the past week and they are now proudly presenting them during the school's Open Day. Each class, from Infant I to Standard VI, had several themes to display some of which included health, mathematics, drama, culture and religion, to name a few. Below are some pics for your enjoyment.

Student explaining about Bacalar Chico Reserve

Students pumping air in their aquarium with live fish

A guest takes time to play a trivia game with the students

Paula showing the different stages of a hurricane

The topic of pollution was very well explained by this group

Mauricio playing the role of "el Tata Duende" in a skit

Eileen explains about the different sources of energy

Religion: The Sacrament of Marriage

Infant II class - Nurses and Doc

Infant II students and his project on land pollution

Infant I Students presenting the Central American countries.

Costa Rica





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