Thursday, June 24, 2010

AIDS Comm. Strengthens Ties

Dr. Martin Cuellar, Kathy Esquivel of the National AIDS Commission with Felix Ayuso of San Pedro at the head table

A meeting was held on Wednesday, June 16, 2010, by the National Aids Commission (NAC) with the San Pedro Branch to try to empower as well as strengthen the communication with the rest of the national response.

Dr. Martin Cuellar, Executive Director, stated, “The NAC is conducting a tour of its district committees to empower them and strengthen their lines of communication with the rest of the national response. This meeting identifies specific ways in which the commission’s secretariat can assist the San Pedro Committee to conduct a gap analysis, identify appropriate activities and interventions and seek funding.”

“Like every other district committee, the San Pedro Committee is the local face of the National AIDS Commission and continues to play a vital role in the accomplishment of our national goals,” concluded Mr. Cuellar.

Present at the meeting were Dr. Martin Cuellar, Executive Director; Kathy Esquivel, Chairperson; Joan Burke, Vice-chairperson; Elio Cabañas from the National AIDS Commission, Felix Ayuso, Communications Officer of the San Pedro AIDS Commission; Melanie Paz, President of the San Pedro Lions Club and Atlantida Eiley of the Red Cross.

The Meeting highlighted many great points which the San Pedro AIDS Commission can use to establish better communication with the National AIDS Commission. This meeting is said to be just one of many other meetings to come. All in all the meeting was a huge success.

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