Friday, June 20, 2008

Top PSE Scorers Awarded

Shaniece Lord from the Berniece Yorke Institute of Learning was today awarded the Jane and Michael Nembhard award by Education Minister Patrick Faber. Lord won the distinction by placing first in this year’s Primary School Examination. At official ceremonies held in Belmopan, Lord was honored along with the other 25 top finishers in this year’s examination. Among those 25 were Alexya Perez and Ismael Kay of San Pedro Roman Catholic School who ranked 21st and 18th, respectively, out of 6,000 plus students nationwide.

Education Minister Minister Faber delivered the keynote address in which he challenged the young students, saying that ultimately the success of each of them depends on the work they put into themselves.

“It depends on you; it was still up to you to do the work, to put in the hours, to study hard, to have a desire to learn and to excel,” he commented. “You are now approaching, if not already approached the point where more and more will be up to you. You will continue to have the support of your parents, of your guardians, of your friends, of your family, of your teachers and principals but increasingly more responsibility will be entrusted upon you to make your own decisions. You will begin to take charge of your own lives and you will grow into adolescent and ultimately into adulthood. Your parents and teachers will be there to guide you, to motivate you, to help you when you need help but more and more it will be up to you to take responsibility for your life and the choices that you make.”

Shaniece Lord was also presented with a lap top computer. Denesha Grant from Holy Redeemer placed second overall while Jacky Cheng from Sacred Heart in the Cayo district placed third.

Of note, both Ismael and Alexya got higher scores than anyone else in the Orange Walk District. We truly are proud of them. Congrats to the teachers of San Pedro RC School as well.

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