Thursday, June 12, 2008

Police Beautify Park

Police week is set to be celebrated countrywide from July 6 to the 12 and as part of their activities all police departments have projects to fulfill. The San Pedro Police Department will be in charge of beautifying the Boca Del Rio Park.

The project commenced this past Saturday, June 7. Sgt. Paulino Reyes and PC Gonzalo Correa planted 18 coconut trees and other plants in the area. According to Mr. Reyes the San Pedro police department is divided into groups and each group will be in charge of a different section of the park, such as repairing the playground, replacing basketball rims, painting the basketball court, placing garbage bins, and placing benches around the park.

This project will help to keep the police officers involved in giving back to the community and having civic pride by maintaining the park. In an official ceremony to be held in July, several officers will be awarded with the Officer of the Month Awards as well as one Police officer will be awarded the officer of the year award. Kudos to the S.P Police Department for helping keep La Isla Bonita a beautiful and safe place to live in!

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