Thursday, June 12, 2008

Divine Mercy Adorns Church

Catholic faithfuls who pray for the intercession of The Divine Mercy now have a lovely image of the Divine Mercy set at the center of the church on the east wall facing the Caribbean Sea. The image is a large stained glass masterpiece of art that now illuminates the window space right above the eastern main entrance to the church.

The lovely piece of stained glass artwork was done by Mrs. Leisa Carr and money for the stained glass work was donated by Celi McCorkle, owner of Holiday Hotel. The installation services took place on Saturday, June 7 by Mr. Martin Leslie. Stained glass decorations are typical in many churches of various denominations, and the San Pedro Roman Catholic Church is no exception.

This one is very large and set in such a strategic spot that it radiates the early morning rays of the sun as worshippers attend the morning masses. The image was blessed this past Sunday by Reverend Father Tito Ayo. Church officials have thanked the donors of the window as well all those who donated generously towards the completion of the new rectory.

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