Wednesday, November 10, 2010

SPRC School All Saints Fair 2010

The San Pedro Roman Catholic School held its 5th annual All Saints Fair on Friday, November 5, 2010. At the fair there was much to eat and drink, raffles, and great games such as tombola, marble board games, horseshoe among others. Students from both the lower and upper division participated by dressing as a Saint.
This year’s winners are as follows:
1st Place – St Martin De Porres – Israel Ake and Brian Sanchez
2nd Place – Juan Diego – Osmar Vasquez and Steven Rosales and St. Lucy – Angelee Forman
3rd Place – St. Elizabeth – Alexia Acosta, Virgin of Guadalupe – Noelie Wiltshire and St. Veronica – Abriana Sierra

Principal Roxannie Kay stated that all proceeds of this year’s fair will go towards the school’s marching band. “There are many children interested in joining the marching band and so we decided that this year’s proceeds from the fair will be put towards the marching band,” commented Mrs, Kay. “There is the need of replacing old instruments and getting new ones as well.”



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