Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Maya Island Regional personnel missing in San Pedro

Maria Antonia Plaza Gomez
 A female flight attendant of Maya Island Air Regional has gone missing and reports are that Maya Island personnel, along with Tourism Police, have been conducting a search for 37-year-old, Maria Antonia Plaza Gomez, Spanish national that went missing on Sunday, October 31.
    Reports are that she arrived in Belize City at 1pm on Friday, October 29 and told the rest of the flight crew that she would be spending the night on San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. She checked into Corona Del Mar hotel and went out for the evening.
    Reliable sources stated that she was last seen on Saturday morning as she told hotel employees that she was going to confirm her return flight for 2:00 p.m. at Maya Island Air; this happened at 10:30am. Plaza also went on a diving trip and was last seen at a local bar, and while she did confirm her return flight earlier in the morning she never made it on the plane.
    Her belongings, including her passport and money, were left in the hotel room and the Maya Island staff along with San Pedro Tourism Police have launched a search for Maria Antonia Plaza Gomez.
   If anyone has information on the whereabouts of Maria Antonia Plaza Gomez, kindly contact the San Pedro Police Department at 226-2022.

 Last camera footage of Maria leaving her hotel


Anonymous said...

This is the last thing we needed at the beginning of the busy season. This is getting of control. Bring in the BDF and ADU

Ambergris Today said...

It's sad news and we hope that she is found very soon, safe and sound. The island already has BDF personnel on patrol at night and they are very visible which has made a significant dent on criminal activity on the island lately.

Anonymous said...

This Island is out of control the police all they do is sit and listen nothing else and the ADU all they do is walk around like they are crazy always the people of san pedro has to do everything but if you call the police to come watch over parties and other events they come hurrily cause they know there will be food and drinks but anyways wish everyone luck to find they beautiful women!!!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm.....what a sad story!!! its true at the beggining of our buzy season and these things already happening come on Where is the police and the ADU Hmmmm... wondering where they are sitting at the police station and having fun and the ADU walking around the island collecting from the drug dealer huh what can we do expect more incedents to happen come on people of San Pedro lets work together without the police and find the beautiful young lady and see what is happening with the rest of the island without the help of the police!!!!