Thursday, November 4, 2010

Actor Charlie Sheen's Belize Drinking Spree

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   A report coming in from the and Life & Style is that celebrity TV actor of “Two and a Half Men” Charlie Sheen was spotted in Placencia, Belize where he embarked on a drinking spree just one week after leaving court-mandated rehab. The star has become a media spotlight after exhibiting a crazy lifestyle of alcohol and drug abuse.
A Life & Style's press release reports the following:
    An eyewitness reveals to Life & Style that Charlie Sheen had fallen off the wagon much earlier than his recent NYC bust. In fact, the Two and a Half Men star embarked on a booze-filled binge in exotic Belize just one week after leaving court-mandated rehab.
    After flying into the tropical village of Placencia by private jet on Wednesday, Oct. 6, Charlie hit local bar, Cozy Corner, early the next day with some friends. The actor spent the afternoon hours guzzling tequila and beer while watching a playoff baseball game on TV.
    By Friday evening, Charlie was hosting a rowdy party with two male friends and six women at one of Francis Ford Coppola's lodges. "There were already at least 15 partially empty or empty wine bottles. Charlie's drink of choice was Jack Daniels on the rocks," says the eyewitness, noting that two to three bottles had been emptied before midnight. "Charlie had a rainbow of girls with him. They were there with a purpose to party."
    Even as one raucous female guest smashed a full wine bottle over a railing, Charlie encouraged the debauchery. "Everybody started laughing and Charlie yelled to the bartender, 'More wine!'" says the witness. "He was heavily intoxicated."
    The local resident tells Life & Style that Charlie partied through the night. "His eyes were as closed as they can be. He's professional at this. This is his lifestyle. He had definitely been drinking the whole trip."

The Cozy Corner in Placencia


Anonymous said...

Ive been seeing this story all over the TV and in the press in the States.... Placencia and Belize as a whole are getting some great exposure!

SimonSellsAll said...

Gladthat he has come to this jewel to enjoy himself in his own way....I hate the fact that he has to be exposed in this way though....I think that the man has a right to be himself and so what he wants with his own money and time and health....if we are to help him we can do other things to help the guy rather than post this fashion of embarrassment to the guy.....We need to stop getting onto other peoples business and find something positive to do rather than to bring down....the posting of this is intended to bring down, not help..... Please everybody else, please still come to Belize!!!