Tuesday, November 9, 2010

San Pedro High Boys Take Silver at National Volleyball Tournament

San Pedro High Male Volleyball Team

After bringing home the first place trophies for both the male and female Northern Regional Volleyball Championship on October 23, the San Pedro Volleyball teams were in high spirits as they travelled this past weekend to Corozal Civic Centre, Corozal Town where Escuela Secundaria Mexico Technical High School hosted the NSSSA National Volleyball Tournament Finals.

The San Pedro High School Boys were able to secure second place beating Wesley College in the first match to compete with Toledo Community College in the finals, but the boys from TCC stood their ground to capture the first place Trophy.

San Pedro High School Female Volleyball Team
The San Pedro High School girls had the hard task of confronting last year’s national champ from St. Catherine Academy in the first match. The SCA girls proved to be too much for the San Pedro High girls which lead them to play against Sacred Heart College in the second match which they also lost, taking fourth place. St. Catherine Academy took first place in the female competition.

Participating schools in the finals included:
*North: Female - San Pedro High School (SPHS) & Male - San Pedro High School (SPHS)
*Central: Female - St. Catherine Academy (SCA) & Male - Wesley College (WES)
*West: Female - Sacred Heart College (SHC) & Male: Belmopan Comprehensive High School (BCHS)
*South: Female - Ecumenical College (EC) & Male - Toledo Community College (TCC)

Female Champions: St. Catherine Academy – Central
Male Champions: Toledo Community College – South
Female MVP: SCA – Emma Hoare
Male MVP: TCC – Denver Lino

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