Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nature Invades Isla Bonita!

Hermit Crabs Invade Beaches

Invasion at Azul/Rojo Lounge! In a blink of an eye they came, conquered and they disappeared. Conquered, they did, whatever their objective, these thousands of hermit crabs invaded the beach in the Azul/Rojo Lounge area, north Ambergris Caye last week.

And it’s yearly event, as these hermit crabs migrate every year around this same time of the month, more than likely to mate, according to neighbors in the area. “Maybe they heard about Chef Jeff's incredible cooking,” commented Rachael Eteson of who submitted the above picture to Ambergris Today. Whatever the reason, it surely is an impressive site.

(pics by Findley Halliday)

Portuguese Man-O-War Wash Ashore

More than just invading the beaches of North Ambergris Caye, an even more dangerous marine creature is invading the shores of the entire island. Hundreds of Portuguese Man-O-War have been spotted wading in the shallow waters of our shores and washing onto our beaches this week. If you are heading out to the sea, please be careful of these beautifully and brightly colored jellyfish which are characterized by a purple bubble floating on the surface with long (up to 8ft) dark purple tentacles underwater. These are capable of very nasty stings; they should be avoided in the water and also on the beach. And just in case you become an unfortunate victim, some warm urine does help, we are assured by Islanders, and a visit to the doctor is recommended. But you can’t miss them. They are beautifully noticeable.

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