Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Estell/Guerrero Family in Desperate Times, San Pedro Helps

This video is the reason why residents of San Pedro are arduously working hard to raise funds to help Baby Daniel Estell. From seeking charitable donations from businesses, a radiothon to a weekend full of fundraising activities all for Baby Daniel, it is beyond a doubt that everyone is doing all they can to help out this San Pedro couple who is desperate to raise enough funds to save their baby boy.

Donations can be made to Wachovia Acct # 10 10 166 397 743 but remember to use Daniel Guerrero(Granddad) username. PLEASE KEEP ON DONATING!!!!!!!!Any Donations for PAYPAL is oh.dannyboy@belizemail.net

Belize Bank Account # 258350 under Daniel Guerrero

“Radiothon, Jaguars night, Saturday sale & Sunday beach party = $20,919.99US, Wachovia & Paypal = $12,510.66US, Family bank loan = $50,000.00us. So the running total is $83,430.65US. Thanks to those who have donated & for those who haven't please do so at any of our accounts. Thanks very much to everybody who supported us, especially to those who gave their time to make this events a huge success!” – Daniela Guerrero (Aunt) via Facebook

- photo by Shamir Guerrero

- photo by Shamir Guerrero

- photo by Shamir Guerrero

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