Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sports Fishing in Belize Now Requires License

It might be another unattractive fee that tourists will look down on and discourage them from coming to vacation in Belize, but with the signing of the new Sports Fishing regulations into law, the Coastal Zone Management Authority (CZMA) has been given the mandate to issue Sports Fishing licenses and collect Sports Fishing license fees.

Anglers wishing to go sports fishing will now have to first receive a license from the CZMA and the new legislation will be enforced by the Fisheries Department as well as the Belize Coast Guard. And although this will not affect people who are recreationally throwing a line from a pier, the new regulation will cost fishing enthusiasts some dollars to go out at sea and fish. The regulation is expected to tax dedicated anglers and hotels which take vacationers on the seas to catch large game.

The CZMA will carry out consultations in the following weeks with stakeholders on the process of issuance of the licenses, as well as the fees that will be charged. These meetings will also provide anglers an opportunity to discuss problems and present recommendations for the betterment of the industry on a whole.

The CZMA says that these recommendations will be thoroughly analyzed and where possible be incorporated into a new management plan for the industry, as well as the National CZM plan. Any questions about these new fees and the process can be forwarded to the CZMA offices on Princess Margaret Drive in Belize City or you may call 223-0719/223-5739/223-2616.

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tim said...

I am traveling to ambergris caye in april & would like to do a little fishing from the pier in front of the house we are renting. will this require a permit to do so, either fly or sling-style spear fishing. can someone please let me know?