Thursday, January 15, 2009

San Pedro's New Sky Net Radio

San Pedro has a new radio station, but its only available through the internet. Sky Net Radio is the newest radio station to hit the airwaves in San Pedro, and in this case, around the world. The radio station is commercial free radio that plays all types of music 24 hours a day.
Sky Net Radio was launched on January 5, by DJ Mauricio Mejia. “I started off this new radio with the youth of San Pedro in mind,” commented Mejia. “This internet radio plays most songs that the youth want to hear without any commercial interruption or songs from yesteryears”.
Mauricio has future plans for the station to become a Radio TV station so that music videos can be played and have something more like HTV on channel 30 and Mun2 on channel 29, but it would be a local music station.
Mauricio has a lot in store for this radio station and anyone who wishes to listen to the good music can log on to


Anonymous said...

Finally Something New.

I have been listening everyday and I like what I hear.

Best Hits Non Stop

Keep Up the Good Work

Your Loyal Listener

Ambergris Today said...

It is such a refreshing radio station. Much better music than any other station in the country. LOVE IT!