Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dr. John McAfee becomes Belizean National

Did you know that Dr. John McAfee who handed over a the boat to the Belize National Coast Guard here in San Pedro this week is the founder of McAfee, Inc. which developed the world's first computer virus scanner?

At the handing over ceremony, Dr. McAfee announced that he has been coming to Belize for over 27 years and just last month he obtained his legal residency. McAfee graduated from Roanoke in 1967 and majored in mathematics. A leader in the field of technology, he founded Tribal Voice Inc. in 1996 and developed the world's first instant messaging program. He started Interpath Inc. in 1981 which developed the world's first commercial voice recognition system. In 1988, he started McAfee Inc. which developed the world's first virus scanner. McAfee currently lives in New Mexico and Belize and is working on technology programs for developing countries.

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Anonymous said...

I lost my house after 12 years the banks didn't want take some of my father inhertiance money so i can lower the payment .And some one like John McAffe has his sprit in contact is a good thing . I have been dealing with hepatitis c for over 25-30 years . My wife Tammy and I , have alot of great ideals. I believe in Jesus and hearing your is very up lifting up part in my spirit with God. thank you for your inspriation .God bless you john.