Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Town Council’s Group Neighborhood Watch Meeting

Steve Spiro, the Chairman of the Ambergris Caye Chamber of Commerce’s Neighborhood Watch Committee, reported that the Town Council, along with the police and the Neighborhood Watch leaders met to deal with several issues to prevent crime:

1. They identified the higher risk areas that need lighting and are in the process of working with BEL to install street lights.

2. A decision was made to reinstate the curfew for children 16 and younger. The curfew would be 10p.m. and any children unaccompanied by an adult would be taken to the police station to be picked up by their parents. They further agreed:

3. That the law requiring security guards to be licensed would be enforced in October and police would begin verifying that this requirement is met. An application can be picked up at the Police Dept. or go to: http://www.belizelaw.org/lawadmin/index2.html and look under Chapter 138:01S Private Security and Investigation Services (Control) Act or you can try going directly with: http://www.belizelaw.org/lawadmin/PDF%20files/cap138-01s.pdf

4. That ferry boats would be required to maintain a manifest which would be available to police to help them be able to track who arrives or has left the island.

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Anonymous said...

All ferry boats should go to the back on one pier where all can be monitored by the police. The Town Council should charge a head tax for all passengers arriving and leaving to pay for this service and to help with crime control.