Thursday, May 22, 2008

Police Dept. Create Youth Development Program

The San Pedro Police Department, under the command of the Assistant Superintendent Dennis Arnold, invited the director of conscious Youth Development Program to resolve conflicts between young people on the island of San Pedro.

The police response indicates that they are not all about incarceration, arrests and prosecution, but also about addressing social problems in order to prevent young persons from breaking the Justice System.

Superintendent Edward Broaster, Director of the C.Y.P.D., met with five parents and five young men on the island to resolve a conflict which had been brewing up for more than a year now. At the end of the day, both the young men and their parents were happy with the outcome.

This move just goes to show that the San Pedro Police Department and the Belize Police Department cares about the social environment and issues involving and affecting the youth.

The San Pedro Police Department hopes that parents take part in the program because the police department cannot do it on its own. The San Pedro Police Department will do its very best to ensure that the Island remains peacefully, tranquil and secure for all to enjoy. Congrats to those parents and youth that participated in the program.

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