Monday, May 12, 2008

Dino Ink donates to Police Department

On Wednesday, April 30, the San Pedro Police Department received a kind donation of a printer by Barry Goldberg from Dino’s Ink and Toners. “I am very grateful with all the support and business that I get from the community, that this is the way I give back,” said Barry Goldberg, owner of Dino Ink. “I am very happy to give these donations to people who need them the most.”

The Brother printer is a six in one printer, copier, has photo capture center, color fax and PC Fax. Handing out the donation on behalf of Mr. Goldberg was ex-police officer and Dino Ink Office Manager Jamil Trejo, to CPL# 900 Dwayne McCulloch.

The Police Department is thankful to Mr. Goldberg and all the businesses that have kindly made donations to the department. Other donations by Dino Ink include assistance to the San Pedro Town Library, Isla Bonita Elementary and Ambergris Caye Elementary, among others.

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