Wednesday, March 19, 2008

San Pedro Exceeding its Electicity Capacity?

The office of Ambergris Today got word that San Pedro has exceeded its electricity capacity and that the cable which feeds the island can no longer sustain the amount of electricity to feed the island. To clear out this information we contacted Chris Nuñez Distribution Technician of Belize Electricity Limited San Pedro Branch.

According to Mr. Nuñez San Pedro has not exceeded its consuming capacity and everything is running perfectly smooth. “San Pedro is currently consuming a total of 8 Mega Watts which is being fed by a cable coming from Bomba,” stated Mr. Nunez.

The entire country consumes a total amount of 70 Mega watts of electricity and up to date there are no problems anywhere in the country where a place has exceeded its consumption capacity.

More at Ambergris Today Online.

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