Thursday, September 30, 2010

Interview with "Unwanted" Rock Band

Ambergris Today interviews Unwanted (formerly Rock in Peace) as they set to release their first album by year's end. Read story on Ambergris Today Online

Teen Talk by Gabriela Nuñez

Celebrity Role Models
    What is a role model? It’s a person whose behavior, action, choices, values, and success can be emulated by others, especially teenagers.  A role model is someone that accepts and admits that they are not perfect and that they make mistakes just like any other ordinary human being, but learns from it and allows their surroundings to learn from their mistakes as well. Most teens answer that a role model is someone who inspires them to make a difference; it’s a person they want and wish to be like.
    Most teens look up to their mom, dad, sister/brother or any other sibling; others look up to artist, athletes, teachers, coaches, superstars, celebrities. Teens do realize that not all celebrities are the good role models but even so they mimic what they do. So no matter how awful they are that doesn’t seem to change anything at all, especially when it comes to drinking!
    Drinking has always been a problem; it’s a problem that seems to get worse in every new generation. We all know that drinking affects us in MANY different ways - as in brain damage, liver damage, your over all fitness, physical looks, relationship between friends, and especially the relationship with your family.  
    The list can go on and on but as we go further drinking can lead you to some serious problems like accidents, and the common one death. Drinking can cause an innocent life to be destroyed in a blink of an eye. Even the most successful person can be affected by alcoholism; here is an example of something that has happened recently in the lucrative world of Hollywood: Lindsay Lohan returned to jail in handcuffs on Friday, September 24, 2010 after a judge refused to set bail and ordered her to remain in custody for failing a drug test until another hearing nearly a month away. It will be Lohan's third time in jail for a 3-year-old drug and drunken driving case filed after two arrests in 2007.
    Superstar Lindsay Lohan fell into the influence of drugs and alcohol after which she saw her acting career crumble down to the ground. She was forced to attend rehab by a judge but in this last hearing she failed a drug test. Here we can see how a teenager with so much potential and success can ruin her life in an instant by simply making the wrong decision. But there are ways in which she can correct her mistakes and change her life. It is not too late.
    Drinking is a problem here in San Pedro, especially with us teenagers, just like in any other place. But it is your choice! You are not forced or threatened to do something you don’t want to. If your mind is stronger than your body, you’ll simply answer “No thanks” and I’m sure they would understand. If your peers don’t understand, then it’s their problem.
    Most people blame others, but we all know the real truth is that we all have a “Choice”. Drinking can be fun, but don’t abuse it. And for us teens, our time will come when we can legally enjoy social drinking; right now is not our time
    Most of us would say “Life is too short!” Yes life is short, but remember to live it wisely. It is the people who give you proper guidance and the ones who are always giving you advice and try to show you what’s wrong and right the ones that truly care, love you and wish the best for you, especially your parents. Choose your role models wisely and choose to live your life through the guidance of great role models.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Butane Prices Go Up

    As of Monday, September 27, the price of butane has increased by two dollars. That puts the price in Belize City and Corozal at $112.00. In Orange Walk, the cooking gas is being sold for a $113.00 while in Belmopan and San Ignacio the price of the hundred pound cylinder is a $114.00. Further west, in Benque the price is a bit higher at $115.00. But as usual, the highest prices are in the south due to transportation cost. So if you’re down in Dangriga, you’ll be paying a $116.00 for butane or $117.00 if you’re buying in Punta Gorda. The prices for the 100lb cylinder here in San Pedro have yet to be posted so please check with your local butane gas provider.

Brunch at Changes in Latitudes!

Brunch and Great Company at Changes in Latitudes
    Elvis the Iguana came out from hiding amongst the hibiscus trees and bravely came up to our table as we sipped on mimosas and had some of the best French toast at Changes in Latitudes Bed and Breakfast.
    Owners of the only bed and breakfast Inn in San Pedro, Cindy and Renita, hosted Dorian’s Angels (and the rest of the staff) as they tell us that they love to meet up with friends and make new ones by inviting people over for brunch.
    As for Elvis the Iguana, he took a liking to French toast when guests started feeding them, commented Renita. Now they come and join breakfast as guests of the inn enjoy the relaxing atmosphere at Changes in Latitudes. Just outside of town (a ten minute walk), the bed and breakfast sits between the main road on Coconut Drive and just 150 feet from the Caribbean Sea.
    If you have noticed a big blue wall just before the Belize Yacht Club, that’s where Changes in Latitudes is cradled away from the busy streets; with an oasis-like patio were it is easy to just sit back, relax and forget about everything.
    Both Cindy and Renita tell us that they have enjoyed their almost decade stay in San Pedro and running their bed and breakfast has been a pleasure to them both. Living on site makes them available to their guests to help them design and carry out their adventures on the island.
    The inn consists of six rooms with private entrances and baths with double and single beds. “The bedrooms are small but very cozy with Central American décor/themes,” commented Cindy. “But guests are out most of the time enjoying swimming, snorkeling, fishing and sunning; doing the great things they came to do in Belize.”
    A full breakfast is served daily in the common room or outdoor patio where we had brunch.
Their chef prepares a menu which includes fresh tropical fruits, Creole breads, as well as Belizean hot meal specialties. Conversation flowed well into lunch time as we caught up with Cindy and Renita with just about any topic imaginable. They were wonderful host and great company on our Sunday morning at Changes in Latitudes.
    For more information on Changes in Latitudes visit or pay Renita and Cindy a visit, they are sure to be wonderful hosts. Dorian’s Angles and Ambergris Today thank them for a great morning and hope to meet up with them very soon as we will hold them up for their invitation to drop by at anytime. 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Scarleth's Fashion Show This Saturday.

Due to the threat of bad weather from Tropical Storm Matthew, Scarleth's Fashion Show (On the Road to Miss Belize Fundraiser) was postponed from last week Saturday to this coming Saturday, October 2, 2010. The event takes place at the Lions Den at 8p.m. Help Scarleth Delgado raise funds for her journey towards the Miss Belize Pageant coming in November. See you all there!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Heavenly Belize, No Doubt About It!

Over 250 amazing aerial photographs of a beautiful country - Belize - on your iPad and photography book "Heavenly Belize"!

Most people who come to Belize will agree that it is a country of astounding and diverse beauty. But few visitors - and most Belizeans for that matter - are fortunate enough to view Belize through the eyes of a soaring hawk or frigate...or a brilliantly plumed scarlet macaw.

That's the extraordinary vantage point employed by author/photographer Marius Jovaisa in Heavenly Belize. Using an ultralight aircraft originally designed for National Geographic assignments in Africa, Jovaisa travels the length and breadth of the country, capturing images ranging from towering jungle covered mountains and ancient Mayan cities to the 400 foot deep Blue Hole at Lighthouse Reef.

Whether you are a first time visitor to Belize, or "born and raised" here, these never before published photographs will give you a deep appreciation of this refreshingly unique nation.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Boat owners battle waves to anchor vessel.

Large waves pound the coast of Ambergris Caye as boat owners, who are caught off guard by the high surf, try to anchor their boats. Minimal damage was done strictly to water crafts and piers. September 25, 2010. Tropical Storm Matthew - San Pedro, Belize.

Waves of Tropical Storm Matthew Pound San Pedro

    With the storm entering land on southern Belize, island residents did not expect much tropical storm conditions on Ambergris Caye. This morning there were a few storm showers and high winds, but what was most impressive was the storms surge that created waves up to five feet high and double that outside the reef. Some boat owners who did not move their vessels from the front part of the island were caught off guard by the high waves that threatened to damage their boats. There has also been a lot of beach erosion and damage to piers. There have been no damages to structures on land but low-lying neighborhoods like San Mateo and San Pedrito are being affected by high tide, making their passage in and out of their homes impassable.