Friday, September 3, 2010

Dorian's Angels Invade Reef Radio Karaoke

The Dorian's Angels were the special invited judges at last night Reef Radio's Karaoke that is now in week four of competitions. They added their special touch of spice to this week's competition as they took their own comment paddles to compliment the contestants, and of course their bubbling personalities.

It was another tough week of competition as the singers brought their "A Game" to Jaguar's Temple Night Club. Taking the top two spots of the night were Julianni Ferguson and Elizabeth Sulph who bested Valentino Caliz, Gladys Garcia, Elizabeth Hobart and Jorge Perdomo.

The Angels were good girls and opted not to use their "Chakal" Paddles

Julianni Ferguson

Valentino Caliz

Gladys Garcia

Elizabeth Hobart

Jorge Perdomo

Elizabeth Sulph

Winners of the night - Elizabeth Sulph and Julianni Ferguson

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