Friday, August 13, 2010

Ministry of Education Summer Camp

August 13, 2010 The Ministry of Education gathered a bunch of kids for their last day of summer camp at the Angel Nuñez Auditorium. The one week summer camp featured activities such as reading, coloring and skits. Mr. Chris Emmanuel was the guest speaker of the morning, enlightening the kids by reading to them a great story.

The children were also introduced to all sponsors which are Grand Belizean Estates, Scotia Bank, BTB, Hon. Manuel Heredia and many more. They were given T-shirts which stated their slogan "Learn to Read, Read to Learn" and also school gift packages for their hard work and dedication to the summer camp. Hats off to the organizers, sponsors, guest speakers and volunteers for a great success towards kids on the island.

Chris Emmanuel storytelling to the kids

Kids given school gift packages

Kids were given t-shirts by sponsors

Volunteers and Sponsors of the Summer Camp

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