Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Barrington Castillo Wins 3rd Place in Carnival Song Competition

National Celebrations Commission Announces National Song Competition Winners

San Pedro’s Barrington Castillo has done it again! For the second consecutive year, Barrington has won third place in the National Song Competition for the September Celebrations in Belize. Last year Barrington Castillo captured third place with $1,000.00 and a trophy for his song “Shout Belize” in the Carnival Song Competition and this year he has done the same with a new song titled “Jump Up”.

The National Celebrations Commission in association with Atlantic International Bank would like to present the winners of this years’ National Song Competition held at the Memorial Park on Saturday August 21st at the Memorial Park.

Patriotic Seniors

1st Place - $3000.00 and Trophy – Silas Sabal “Rememba Semptemba”

2nd Place- $2000.00 and Trophy- Leroy “Bass” Castillo “Teach Wi Children”

3rd Place- $1000.00 and Trophy – Ferron Hartshorn “Belize, Belize”

Patriotic Juniors

1st Place - $1500.00 – Jaryl Mariano & Carlton Carr “My Belize”

2nd Place- $500.00 – Kyle Zuniga & Terrick Magdaleno “I Love Belize

3rd Place- $150.00 – Teejay Sambula “Show Mi Di Way”

Carnival Seniors

1st Place - $3000.00 and Trophy – Tanya Carter “My Belize – Belizean Pride”

2nd Place- $2000.00 and Trophy- Ernestine Carballo “On Dis Tah Carnival Day”

3rd Place- $1000.00 and Trophy – Barrington Castillo “Jump Up”

"United and Proud. Moving Forward. I am Belize!"

Congratulations Barrington!

CLICK HERE to listen to Barrington’s Winning entry – Jump Up!

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