Monday, August 9, 2010

Costa Maya Festival Picture Highlights

Friday, Opening Night

Mario Mejia

Friday, August 6, was Opening Night of the Costa Maya Festival with performances by Nu Generation Dance Group (Belize), Ballet Folklorico de Quintana Roo. (Mexico), Mario Mejia (Guatemala) and concert by Yerbaklan from Honduras. Here are some picture highlights.

Ballet Folklorico de Quintana Roo.

Nu Generation Dance Group (Flag Ceremony)


Saturday, International Night

International Night, August 7, saw performances by Ballet Folklorico de Quintana Roo. (Mexico), The Belize Dance Company, Berne Velasquez (Belize) and the highlight performance of Angel Y Khriz (Puerto Rico).

Ballet Folklorico de Quintana Roo.

Belize National Dance Company

Berne Velasquez

"El Buki" (Karaoke Singer)

Sunday, Family Night

Family Night at Costa Maya was filled with laughter with the highlight performance of The Bilbao Show - deemed the "Craziest Show in Mexico". There were plenty of celebrity imitations, dancing and singing to make the crowd go wild with laughter. Other performances included Barbara's Dance Group, and KTV Karaoke Latino Finalists Desmond Berry, Oneida Shaw and Natalie Arceo. The evening was hosted by Belizean comedian Gwen Nuñez.

Chispin and Ozzy the Clowns entertain

Barbara's Dance Group

Desmond Berry

Oneida Shaw and Natalie Arceo

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