Tuesday, March 2, 2010

DJ Flex/Nigga In Concert San Pedro


Anonymous said...

Seems like Belizeans like his songs, including me(heard his first songs since they came out) in Bullet Tree Falls they were very popular. but did he mean what he said that the people know the lyrics...in the concert here in san ignacio he said the same..adding that he has been in concerts in places of Mexico and the fans know one song and maybe not the other...is it true? what else did he say?

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed his concert greatly and despite the uncomfortable moment he experienced in San Ignacio, on his arrival to Ambergris Caye, he forgot all about the situation and performed the same way he as all over latin america. He danced and entertained.. He was absolutely amazing and who ever Island Productions is....Two Thumbs up! Totally organized and successfull.... I was happy to see many people out there