Friday, March 5, 2010

Bush Fires on the Increase

Bush fires seem to be on the increase lately and the San Pedro Fire Department has had its hands full tending to all the calls. Just yesterday the Fire Department was called to a small fire next to the Ambergris Stadium. The firemen encountered land fill in an empty lot that had caught on fire. Next door neighbors immediately called in before the fire got any bigger.

And just last week, residents extinguished this small fire that was apparently ignited by a discarded cigarette. Passersby were quick to out the fire before the fire department arrived; this was south of San Pedro Town next to Royal Palm Villas.

Two weeks ago, the San Pedro Fire Department responded to another bush fire that was reported in the Escalante Subdivision. A resident took these pictures of the fire that could have posed a threat to neighboring homes. Carelessness is the leading cause of these bush fires as people discard their lit cigarettes into the side of the road or are too careless when burning waste as they clear empty lots. The San Pedro Fire Department urges residents to be more careful and contact the department for any assistance when cleaning out and burning waste in empty lots.


John said...

does Belize have any "fire" laws?

Ambergris Today said...

Yes there are fire laws. Burning waste is not permitted within town limits and when burning waste the fire department should be called on before it's done. I believe the Fire Department should start fining these people.