Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Great Carnaval Ideas

-Editorial (Feb.4, 2010) It is always gratifying to see the Town Council promote and encourage the Carnaval festivities in San Pedro, encouraging street dancing of “comparsas” and parade etc. Very evidently the Council would like to make the occasion a tourist attraction as well as a fun-filled cultural extravaganza.

Well, it is our opinion that carnival is fun and good, but the excessive and aggressive painting might be ruining the possibility of this cultural tradition. We know for a fact that a lot of people are afraid to be on the streets to enjoy because there is no respect on whom to paint nor how. And here is our contribution. Could the Town Council make an effort to set some guidelines, go over the radio to educate the public, and enforce the rules, using the police probably?

Our suggestion will not take away one bit of fun. In fact it will add because people will be willing to go out and participate and not mind being painted. Trust me; there will be more people on the streets to enjoy the festivities.

We know that there is always the issue of using water paint during Carnaval. Most of those who don’t like the painting are the businesses and homeowners who fear that their fence, building, private property and sings will be damaged by reckless painter. These people have every right to be upset if their property is damaged, heck its expensive to do repairs.

What needs to be addressed is the proper patrolling of police officers who will enforce the law and special rules that govern the celebrations. Carnaval is all about fun, but having respect of those who do not want to participate in the painting and private property.

The authorities should be more strict and vigilant of those breaking the law. People should be fined and or incarcerated if they are caught destroying private property. This would set an example for others and revelers will be more cautions knowing that the authorities are watching and there are true consequences to their bad actions.

There will be less damage by paint on public and private properties. There will be less people annoyed with paint and fighting, and there will be less people walking with knives and sticks to defend themselves from the paint aggressors. There will be more street dancing. There will be more watchers following the group dances. To put it simply, there will be more people on the streets enjoying Carnival, and there will be more people who will say, “I don’t mind going out and risk being painted.

Hopefully the Town Council or other town leaders can give this some thought and effort to have a more organized cultural festivity. This is the time to start the planning; we are sure the public will support these ideas.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the very useful suggestions. Let's hope that the organizers will use this much needed suggestion. I, myself dreaded to go into town to see the carnaval for fear of being painted. I have never experienced a carnaval on San Pedro before and would have loved to be there to see the different comparsas. In Caye Caulker we used to have the different comparsas but it was basically people in costumes and Mestizo outfits dancing through the streets, There was no painting involved. Why does the painting have to play such a big role as from my humble opinion, it's not needed. This was just my 2 cents on that.

Unfortunately Caye Caulker has lost their touch with having the annual carnaval and it can be livened up again sometime soon but of course exclude anything to do with painting. :-)