Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year Special Issue

We are finally back in office and officially kicking of with our first issue of the New Year - Our New Year's Special Edition. We are anticipating two big announcements this week; one being Ambergris Today's Person of the Year 2009. Don't think we have forgotten or will not announce one this year; we have selected our Honoree and the announcement will be made in Thursday's edition, January 7. Second, we are eagerly anticipating the announcement of the New Year Baby. Ambergris Today has gathered a bunch of gifts from businesses around town special for the New Year Baby, including a new crib, baby supplies, gifts and bank accounts. There was a close call on January 2, but it ended being a false alarm. So we are still eagerly waiting to announce who is the first baby of the New Year. Click image below to see what all San Pedro's New Year Baby will be receiving.

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