Monday, January 11, 2010

Lime's Lime Cook Off

Friday night saw the first cook off in Lime for 2010, the theme which was suggested to them was Lime. It was a great night with well over $1000.00Bze made, which is all going towards the upgrades at Saga. Good people, good food and good clean fun. Now the chore of coming up with the next theme! Ideas are very welcome; just send over your ideas to the Lime crew. (Click here for more BoydieBelize Blog)

In reverse, 4th place, was Portofino

Third was Jamilla Janmohamed

Second was Lime Bar and Grill with their Lime and chicken soup

First was Sushi Sharon who also works in Lime

A great start to the evening of a Saga Humane Society fundraiser was Grant one of the board members coming in with a donation of $100.00Bze from a local businessmen. As you can see from that face all donations are gratefully received as Saga is a non-profit organization which relies on grants, donations and the Vet clinic.

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