Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Letty Lara at Miss World Top Model Competition

Mexico wins Miss World Top Model. Sierra Leone's dress collects World Designer Award. Miss World Belize, Letty Lara, looking stunning as always. Ambergris Today, the official newspaper for Miss World Belize for being the only newspaper in Belize to bring you continued coverage of Letty, is proud of our Belize representative at the Miss World Pageant.

Miss World 2009 Contestants on a Friday night out
The Miss World Contestants spent their Friday evening in Sandton Square, experiencing South African Cuisine at the Lekgotla Restaurant.


Anonymous said...

You guys are a joke. Full of yourself. Those pictures are all over the internet and on facebook. I would like the Miss World Pageant Organization charge you for being the "official newspaper for Miss World Belize." You can be in big financial problems if someone would forward this link to the International Miss World Pageant Organization. Be careful "official newspaper."

Ambergris Today said...

Don't be a hater 'Anonymous" - We never said that we are the official newspaper of the Miss World Organization. We are just so proud of our very own Sanpedrana Letty Lara that we are happy to give her as much coverage as possible at the Miss World Pageant. We know these pictures are all over the internet, we are just bringing them together in one place so our loyal readers, like you, can enjoy. Be proud of Letty that is all we ask for. :)