Wednesday, December 23, 2009

End of Year Raffles are Here!

End of the year Christmas Raffles are here. Dalia's Store commenced with the raffles on Tuesday, December 22.

Dalias Store Christmas Raffle

1st Prize: Dell Laptop - Charlene Estrada

2nd Prize: Washer & Dryer - Luis Pitterson

3rd Prize: Sharp Microwave Oven - Luis Panti

4th Prize: Basket of Grace Groceries - Amelea Chee

5th Prize: Basket of Grace Groceries - Nancy Santana

Caribeña Fuels Christmas Raffle

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

First Prize: Computer System with Desk – Nashly Hernandez

Second Prize: 32” Flat Screen TV – Seaduced by Belize

Third Prize: 20’ Gas Range Stove – Ignacio Bardalez

Fourth Prize: 40 Gallons of Fuel – Gil Gonzalez

Fifth Prize: Digital Camera – Chris Medrano

Sixth Prize: Microwave Oven – Nelson Varedo

Seventh Prize: Ham & Turkey – Carlos Beltran

Eighth Prize: Cellular Phone – Robbie Gonzalez

Coral Cable Vision

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

First Prize: One 50” Plasma Flat Screen TV – Blanca Montejo (Ticket # 725389)

Second Prize: One Home Theater System – Tom Wouthers (Ticket # 725699)

Third Prize: 6 Months Free Cable Service – Sonia Hoare (Ticket # 725167)

Fourth Prize: One Ham & Turkey with Christmas basket – Joaquina Santoya (Ticket # 725756)

Fifth Prize: 3 Months Free Cable Service – Vidy Gomez (Ticket # 724655)

Castillo’s Hardware Co. Ltd

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

First Prize: 32” Toshiba LCD Flat Screen TV – Brian Cook

Second Prize: Matrex Scooter – Mary Pugh

Third Prize: Gas Grill – Jim Zykan

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