Saturday, May 2, 2009

Second Belize Batch Clear of Swine Flu Virus

- Press Release, Ministry of Health, Belize City, May 2, 2009 - The Ministry of Health has maintained its high level of alert and enhanced surveillance countrywide. Today, senior technical and administrative staff of all four health regions met in Belize City to discuss challenges being faced and agreed on approaches to strengthen the surveillance activities. The Director of Health Services updated the group on the global and national status. Other topics discussed included: Infection Control Measures, Specimen Collection Protocols, Case Management, and Method of Reporting of Results.

As previously reported, all eight samples of the first batch sent to CAREC were negative for H1N1. Preliminary report received today from CAREC on the second batch of eight samples, indicate that they are negative for H1N1. This does not mean we decrease our level of response.

Since Friday, May 1, two suspected cases were identified; one from Orange Walk and the other from the Cayo District. Samples will be sent to CAREC today as per protocol.

We advise that before results are released to the public, every effort will be made to contact patients, families and care providers in accordance with reporting requirements of the Ministry.

The public is advised to continue taking the preventive measures and to know that the Ministry of Health will continue to provide updates regarding the status of the H1N1 epidemic.

Time of release 12 noon, May 2, 2009. (ends)

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Two “probable cases” of swine flu infection in Virginia were announced Friday by the state’s health commissioner, Karen Remley.
The video from the scene:
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