Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dorian's Angels at Xtreme Geeks

Have you ever seen or heard Dorian’s Angels becoming or even looking like geeks? Perlita, Sofie and Scarleth once again headed out in turn for some learning skills at Xtreme Geeks with Edmond Chee and Nelson Cristobal. Computer servicing and electronic repairing is a bit of hard work but, yet, fun. They got our Geek On, in a good way! Read more HERE!

Perlita works on the micro chip...

...NO! Not that kind of chip
Testing... Testing... One... Two... Three...
Scarleth prepares for some soldering

Sofia tests for the voltage on the mother board

It's electrifying

The professionals - Nelson and Edmond

Sofie gets tangled with all the wiring

The workshop

Decides to do some cleaning

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