Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dorian's Angels Rehearse with Rock in Peace!

Talk about an adrenaline high, the Angels have had many, but this time The Angels had a super adrenaline high as they went “Rocking” with Rock In Peace, the San Pedro High School sensational musical group. The Angels were able to discover why Rock In Peace is able to stir up an entire auditorium to an emotional musical “high” and shout their hearts until they all go hoarse as we joined them for rehearsals this week. Read more on Ambergris Today Online.

The boys of the band

Scarleth readies for American Idol

Perlita gravitates to the drum set

The band going over a new song

Sofia takes some bass guitar lessons

The girls practice a bit

Perlita gets acquainted with the drum set once again

Presenting Dorian's Angels with Rock in Peace

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Kyna said...

LOL...scars u are a rock star...this video clip is've got moves Gurl...