Friday, October 17, 2008

Warehouse Fire at Victoria House Resort

A fire broke out at the Victoria House Resort compound this afternoon that completely destroyed the resort’s warehouse. It was reported that the fire broke out at about 12:45p.m. inside the warehouse that is located at the back of the resort. The fire quickly engulfed the small wooden building, as employees reported hearing several explosions coming from inside the building.

According to resort managers Brent Kirkman and Janet Woolam, the warehouse contained several items including mattresses, ceramic tiles, generators, water pumps, old office files, Christmas decorations and new wooden doors, new tool and supplies used at the resort. There were also containers filled with gasoline and kerosene, which could explain the explosions. It was a total loss for the resort numbering in the thousands of dollars.

The San Pedro Fire Department quickly arrived at the resort and with the assistance of volunteers and resort employees managed to out the fire before it got out of hand. Victoria House Resort is currently closed for renovations and no guests were at the resort which is scheduled to open on Thursday, October 23, 2008. Look out for the complete story on next week’s issue of Ambergris Today out October 23.

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