Monday, September 29, 2008

Police Destroy 9.8 million Pseudo-Ephedrine Pills

Police destroyed 9.8 million pseudo-ephedrine pills on Friday at an undisclosed location in western Belize. Three trucks with four armed police escorts left Belize City and arrived at a location in western Belize where the pills were destroyed by fire. The destruction was more complicated than the last time because the heavy aluminum wrapping made disposal by fire more difficult.

The pseudo-ephedrine pills came to Belize in two containers that had been sitting on the Customs Compound unclaimed for 20 days. That made them suspicious and when the Customs opened it, they found the first to contain 4.8 million pseudo-ephedrine tablets, while the second container contained 5 million.

The containers came to Belize from Taiwan and were destined for a Mexican-owned company in the Corozal Free Zone. – 7 News Belize

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