Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Launch of Andy Palacio Foundation

On Wednesday, August 20, 2008, the Andy Palacio Foundation was formally launched at the Bliss Centre for the Performing Arts in Belize City. In April 2008 a group of friends and family members of the late Andy Palacio met to discuss a way to move forward with promoting, and celebrating the legacy of our great Garifuna Belizean music icon.

The Andy Palacio Foundation is a non-profit organization serving the public interest. The activities of the Andy Palacio Foundation are guided by the principle of culture as a coherent and continuous system of arts, sciences, education and any other form of artistic creation. The efficiency of a culture depends on economic conditions as on its degree of openness, i.e., free circulation of ideas, skills and experiences and a widespread and democratic effect of the cultural exchange.
Some of the objectives of the Foundation are:

*To preserve and promote the legacy of Andy Palacio, Belize’s great music icon, cultural Ambassador and UNESCO artist for Peace
*To establish the Andy Palacio Museum
*To establish an Andy Palacio Trust Fund
*To spread information and knowledge about the life and work of Andy Palacio
*To promote music and assist with its expansion and development through training, performances, production
*To publish and produce: catalogues, special editions, postcards, posters, prints, t-shirts, written works by creative persons, musical and other electronic materials
*To facilitate interaction amongst creative persons and institutions and other authorities within this area.

This November, a book on the life and work of Andy Palacio will be published by the Image Factory Art Foundation under the patronage of the Andy Palacio Foundation. The two trustees of the Andy Palacio Foundation are E. Roy Cayetano, President and Ms. Kami Palacio, Vice President and eldest daughter of Andy Palacio.

Founding members of the Andy Palacio Foundation are Rafael Martinez, Marion Cayetano, Ivan Duran, Loretta Garcia-Palacio, Vincent Palacio, Jeremy A. Enriquez, Uani Palacio, Sherlette Slusher, Nita Palacio, Raquel Battle, Rozelle Flores, Joseph Palacio, Yasser Musa, Darius Avila, Gilvano Swasey, and Harold Arzu.

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