Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Belizean Pride

by Lisette Graniel, Teen Talk Reporter

September is an exceptional month for us Belizeans as two very important events took place in this month that positively affected the future of this nation. On the 10th of September 1798 the Baymen returned heroes as they battled and won over the Spanish at St. George’s Caye and on the 21st of September 1981 Belize got its Independence and truly became the land of the free by the Carib Sea.

So Belizeans have much reason to celebrate and celebrate we do. Citizens of all ages come out under the bright sun, dressed in our national colors red, white and blue, to express our joy and civic pride as we join in the many parades shouting “Long live Belize’’ and ‘’Hip Hip Hurray.’’

This week I asked our teens why is it important for us to participate in our country’s patriotic celebrations. This is why they look forward to our September celebrations.

Eseli – It is important for us to show respect for our country and demonstrate how proud we are for what our forefathers accomplished, as well as who we are and where we live.
Lu- To show our gratitude to those who fought at the battle of St. George’s Caye and also for those who made Belize obtain its Independence.
Sham - We should be proud of our country, our history and culture. By participating in all our country’s events, not only the September celebrations, we are also making history ourselves.
Chi Cheen - Simply because it shows that you are proud of Belize and also proud that you are a Belizean. Everyone should enjoy it!
Krissy – We should celebrate to show off all that Belize has accomplished and how happy we are to see Belize grow as the years pass by. Being part of the Caribbean we love festivals and what better way to bash than with the people who all share one love for their country.
Itsel – It is important to celebrate our hard work and also to show that we are independent and that we have all the rights as any other independent country around the world.

It seems that our teens have a lot of civic pride. It is good to know that we study our history and know where we have come from, which gives us the foundation to build a great future for our nation. So let us all celebrate and continue following this year’s slogan, which says: “Belizeans! Learning our Past, Impacting our Present, Embracing our Future”.

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