Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Traffic Accident

On Sunday, August 17, a scooter collided against a golf cart on Tarpon Street. Reports have it that around 8:15 p.m . on Sunday, Miriam Rodriguez, Salvadoran domestic, of the Escalante Subdivision was driving a four seater golf cart with license plate BZC 30941 going in an eastern direction and noticed that a scooter driven by a male person coming from Pescador Drive was heading toward her direction swerving from side to side.

In an attempt to avoid a collision with the scooter, she swerved to the right side of the road and the scooter still hit the rear end of the golf cart. The scooter along with the person driving it fell to the floor. The male person appeared to be under the influence and started an argument with Rodriguez.

The male person was detained due to his behavior and apparent state of intoxication. No charges were filed against him and he was released the following morning. No one received injuries and the golf cart had minor dents on the rear fender.

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