Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dorian's Angels @ San Pedro Water Jets Intl.

Dorian’s Angels have been seen here, there and everywhere. If there is a new business in town you bet that you can find Dorian’s Angels there, but this week the girls were planning on doing something new; visiting another place, another country! And so the girls decided to head to Chetumal Q. Roo, Mexico and what better way to get there than by travelling with San Pedro Water Jets International. (Read more at Ambergris Today Online)

Movie and Music Controls on board

Refreshments are served during the trip

Comfortable Seating

Viewing Movies to pass the time

Delsie reading safety instructions

Terminal check in at Chetumal, Mexico

Raquel checks in

Delsie readies to go back home

Raquel wants to drive the boat back home

Municipal Dock in Chetumal, Mexico

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