Monday, July 13, 2009

Police Station gets facelift

Have you passed by the police station and noticed the bright colors in the building? The San Pedro Police Station has been undergoing a facelift both inside and outside. Sgt. Paulino Reyes stated that there was enough money in the police budget for the much needed renovations and so police officers have volunteered their time to paint the building in bright yellow and green.

“The police station is undergoing some changes the plan was to remodel inside the station and to fix up the counter,” commented Reyes. “But not only was the counter changed, a small office was built so that police can record statements in a more private manner and not have everyone at the station listening to what is happening”

But that is not all the changes, lockers are going to be built so that officers can place their personal belongings while at work and for the station to look in a more orderly manner.

New room built to take more private statements from the public

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